The Wake-Up Everybody Foundation

Jihad Shaheed Uhuru founded the Jihad Uhuru Wake Up Everybody Foundation in 2003. He did so as a means to help re-awaken the African-American awareness of self, through lectures on how knowing who you are, where you came from, and what impact your ancestors made on today’s society, can make you a productive, successful, internally and externally wealthy person.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to positively, and pro-actively re-awakening the African-American psyche through self-realization and re-education. The voices and hands of The Wake Up Everybody Foundation show why it is imperative to READ to re-establish the identity of the urban nation, and how doing this will create powerful, positive, productive, self-reliant people.

Jihad currently writes self- help street fiction or as he prefers to call them Purpose Driven Life Stories from the Hood and most importantly he writes to inspire young black men and women. His purpose is to educate and prevent them from living the destructive life that he once led.

He is an inspirational speaker that incorporates his personal experiences of drug dealing, being shot, paralyzed, being told he would never walk again and also spending seven years in six federal prisons. Jihad is not only an accomplished author but he is also walking again, through the grace of God, and running to try and save our youth from themselves and from making decisions that could impact their lives in a negative way.

Jihad’s goal is to give back to the community in the only way he knows how, that is by talking to them on their level and convincing and showing them other options. He also realizes that it takes more than talk, it takes finances. Jihad is willing to speak to your youth and sell books afterward. He is going to donate half of the proceeds from each book sold to the youth program at your church. He is dedicated completely to saving our youth and he feels that if by speaking to them, he only changes one life for the better, then he has succeeded.

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